A perfect time for a Santa Barbara wine tour, Springtime is a time of renewal and growth, and it is beautiful to behold. Here in Santa Barbara Wine Country, Spring brings about the cyclical emergence of growth and vitality. Firstly, planted cover crops flourish between the rows of vines. Later, they are mowed and tilled under the soil to fix nitrogen to be used by the vines as fertilizer. Then, about mid-March, we witnessed the first signs of growth on the vines, know as “bud break”. This signifies the beginning of the new vintage and it is an exciting time to see the vigor of the new growth. The hills and valleys are a stunning green, as green as I have ever seen them. The sheer amount of rain this Winter has set us up with spectacular flower blooms and vibrant greens on all living things. Soon, the green will give way to golden brown and the wildflowers will subside. The vineyards will grow to be a vibrant green in stark contrast to the golden hues of the hillsides.

At about this time tourism picks up and wine tours start filling up. Wineries start hosting pick up parties and other events. Many new releases of past vintages are added to the line up for tasting. As wineries sell out of their current offerings, many aging past vintage reds are bottled and released.  Whites and rosés that were picked in the fall are also bottled and released.

All of this makes it a great time of year to visit Santa Barbara Wine Country, and join us for a wine tour! Our professional tour hosts can pick you up from Santa Barbara, relax for a drive up the beautiful Gaviota Coast. Alternatively, we might take you up over the Santa Ynez Mountains with breath taking views of Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. Check out Visit Santa Barbara for other things to see and do while in SB. Or, if you prefer to stay in the Santa Ynez Valley we can pick you up from the many hotels in the area. Check out Visit SYV for more info on places to say and things to do. Reserve your wine tasting tour with us today!