Connoisseurs and Collectors Tour

Private Boutique Wineries for the Collector

Having been based here in Santa Barbara Wine Country since 2001, we have gained respect and have established relationships which have opened doors to the most unique and amazing experiences that the Santa Ynez Valley has to offer.

2-8 Guests | Mid-Week Only (limited availability)

Hands down, this tour is the best experience Santa Barbara County has to offer. We take you, as our guest, to the properties that, based on our research and professional relationships, are the crème de la crème in this region. Guests will meet some of the top winemakers and/or winery owners and enjoy some of the Santa Ynez Valley’s most pristine scenery. Most of our tour partners are not open to the general public, so we cannot list them on our website and we do have to pre-qualify our guests. Each tour is customized for your needs.

Your tour host will have an excellent knowledge and passion of not only local but international wine as a whole. We can promise you an experience that you could not give yourself. Additionally, most have earned their entry-level sommelier certification.

Each of our vehicles is spotless and meets all safety requirements of the CHP, DMV and PUC. All of our tour hosts have impeccable driving records.

(In the ‘Notes’ section of the reservation form please enter ‘C & C Tour’, and a reservation specialist will contact you to discuss your options).

*Pricing includes pick up at your location, tasting fees at 3 locations, delicious picnic lunch, and 12% gratuity goes to your host.

Private ToursAll inclusive per personTour Total
2 Guests$385$770
3 Guests$345$1035
4 Guests$320$1280
5 Guests$310$1550
6 Guests$300$1800
7 Guests$290$2030
8 Guests$280$2240

Please Contact us for Further Details and Availability

Tour Includes

This tour includes tasting fees at 3 premium locations, a delicious picnic lunch (see menu), door-to-door service, plenty of bottled water, and a 12% gratuity. When we arrange these private VIP tastings with the winemakers, owners, family members or a GM, our reputation is on the line. They expect us to bring qualified guests who enjoy collecting wine. It is with this understanding that they pour wines they wouldn’t typically have open and will spend time getting to know you. So, there is a fine line between us being allowed to bring you and them wanting us to bring you. Therefore, we need to make sure you understand that purchasing is expected. Based on our experience we encourage a minimum of two bottles per person at theses exclusive locations. A few of these exclusive wineries may charge an additional $35-$60 per person to taste, which would need to pay directly to the winery. We will let you know which these are when arranging your tour.

Pick up Times

These are suggested times, as we can negotiate later pick-ups and earlier drop-offs, alterations may affect our ability to give a complete tour. No discounting available for altered times.

Santa Barbara area

9:45-10:25 (tour concludes at about 5:30pm)
Including : Summerland, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Goleta


10:30am (tour concludes at about 5 pm)
Including : Lompoc and Vandenberg Village

Santa Ynez Valley

10:45-11:15am (tour concludes at about 5pm)
Including : Los Olivos, Ballard, Santa Ynez, Solvang, Buellton

Los Alamos & Santa Maria

10:15-10:30am (tour concludes at about 5pm)
Including : Los Alamos and Santa Maria

The Fine Print:
• Please note: For all reservations regardless of the scheduled tour date, we will be issuing credit only, no refunds.


• In the case of a declaration of a local, state, or national State of Emergency, we will only be able to offer credit for future use, this precedes all other cancelation policies. 
• We have a 5-day cancellation policy for group tours (Wine Lovers). If a reservation is cancelled within 5 days of the tour, full fare is charged. A credit towards future use is issued if a person(s) or tour is cancelled before 5 days prior.
• We have a 10 day cancellation policy for private tours (2-12 Guests). If a reservation is cancelled within 10 days of the tour, full fare is charged. A credit towards future use is issued if a person(s) or tour is cancelled before 10 days prior.
• We have a 14 day cancellation policy for private large groups (13 -23 Guests). If a reservation is cancelled within 14 days of the tour full fare is charged. A credit towards future use is issued if a person(s) or tour is cancelled before 14 days prior.
• We have a 30 day cancellation policy for corporate and extra-large groups (24 + plus Guests). If a reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the tour full fare is charged. A credit towards future use is issued if a person(s) or tour is cancelled before 30 days prior.
• We shall not be held liable for refunds due to issues beyond our control (natural disasters, unforeseen weather or environmental changes, road closures, traffic issues, etc.).
• Consider Travel Insurance if this is of concern.

• Please be aware that Santa Barbara Wine Country is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley which is in the country, home to a variety of pets, livestock, insects, rodents, arachnids, birds etc.
• Certain times of the year there are more insects including flies, gnats, and bees especially during harvest.
• We visit a few equestrian properties, if you are allergic or have a fear of horses please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate a change.

• Lunch orders need to be placed 48 hours prior to the tour or turkey sandwiches will be ordered for all.
• We provide plenty of bottled water. Eating or drinking (besides water) in our vehicles is prohibited.
• Private tours and By-The-Hour service will be allowed a cooler with advanced notice.
• Wineries prohibit any outside alcohol on their premise due to liquor license laws.
• If you intend on bringing a service animal, we must have 48-hours prior notice. The ADA does not require us to host most emotional support animals. These are not permitted. Speak to our sales representative if you have questions.
• If you are running late please notify us immediately at 805-686-8347. We will try to make accommodations where possible. However, you may need to meet us, etc.
• If your party is more than 10 minutes late for pick-up or departure, we are not held responsible and we will leave to maintain our schedule. Private tours are slightly more flexible, but we won’t be held liable for missed appointments or having to augment the tour.
• If you are sensitive to car or motion sickness, it may be wise not to use our services. Wine County has windy roads. In the unfortunate event of getting sick in our vehicle, there will be a cleaning fee of up to $500 dollars to repair any damage.


• We are not responsible for lost or left items at wineries or in our vehicles. Please make sure you check in and around your seat and make sure you have all your personal items and purchases. Stagecoach will not be held responsible for returning any items. If we agree to return items, all shipping and a handling fee will be charged back to the customer.

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